Two sites that are wonder-filled, emotionally provocative, politically savvy, and soundly sexy. Winnie Star is proud to have had some of her poetry selected for these sites.
Paul Hlebcar is a singer/songwriter, guitarist, and harmonica player. He is one of the most talented musicians I have ever met. His CD ‘stand alone’ simply mesmerizes—the tunes take you on a journey not to be forgotten. Go there…
'The Lost Cats' is my favorite local club band, led by my friend, Jim Passard. Jim's smooth voice and easy, jazzy guitar sound are real treats.
Talented singer and songwriter.
Bay Area musician, author & teacher Pete Elman, and Michael DeWall have created a fun book/CD for kids ages 4–8 about the seasons. Terrific original watercolor illustrations were created by Sara Kahn. Go to the website and check it out!
Victor Landweber designed my web site. He is a fine artist who creates beautifully designed sites and provides expert web and computer services.