I was born into a blessed life with opportunities and experiences for which I am grateful. My parents, Leon and Winnie, provided me with the things I needed to grow up happy and healthy, and encouraged fulfillment of my dreams.

In 1970, I became a registered nurse. Many years of my career were spent working in emergency departments—in New York, Colorado, Hawaii, and California. In 1982, I became a master's-prepared women's health nurse practitioner and worked in San Francisco for over 30 years. I also had the honor of being a preceptor of nursing and medical students and a principal co-author of award-winning textbooks in nursing. I retired from a very rewarding nursing career in 2013. Volunteerism with a humanitarian cause calls out to me for future endeavors.

In my late 20s I spent several semesters in theater arts at San Francisco State University, fueling my dramatic side. I later developed a yearning to write poems, short stories, and song lyrics. There have been exceptional influences for me as a creative writer: fine teachers at UC Berkeley Extension, Piedmont Adult School, The Writing Salon, on the Internet in various poetry groups, and among my friends.

My poetry and short stories have been published in many venues: The Permanente Journal, Mystery Island Magazine, Lummox Poetry Anthology, and Zero Percent Magazine; and have appeared in the ezines of Juice, Deuce Coupe, Rusty Truck, and Rusty Typer. As well, I have been a writer and editor of musicians' websites.

Music is dear to me. It has been my great fortune to be connected to many gifted musicians—I could not live without their sounds in my life. I like to think of myself as a percussionist, keeping the beat when the opportunity arises. And I love to dance!

My journey is ongoing. I wish to continue life with love and gratitude.